Rubber Grass Mats


Rubber Grass Mats – The Rubber Grass Mat is our most versatile product with a multitude of uses in home and commercial environments. Rubber Grass Mats are designed to protect the ground and grass from becoming churned up and muddy; the ring-hole form allows grass to grow back through the mat, preserving the green and fresh look of your lawn!

Grass Mat Specification

1. Critical Fall Height of up to 3 metres

2. Slip and Fall resistant

3. Fire Retardant


Rubber Grass Mats

1. Ideal for green field sites, the mat disappears from view once the grass has grown through

2. No costly ground work required

3. Maintenance free

4. Added protection for grass

5. 25mm holes allow efficient drainage

6. Slip-resistant surface

7. Reduce ground erosion

8. Excellent durability

9. Absorbs shock and noise

10.Resistant to all weather and extreme temperatures

11.Can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces

12.Manufactured from recycled rubber

13.Wheelchair and pushchair accessible.

14.Helps keep grassed sites smart and well kept

Installation is simple, just follow these steps and your area will be matted in no time!!

1. Remove any stones  from the area, we recommend using a rake

2. Place down your first grass mat

3. Secure in place with a fixing peg in each corner

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 flush to the first mat you placed

5. Use the Zip Ties through around every 5 holes to secure mats together

6. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 until the whole area is matted


Our Rubber Grass Mats are manufactured to the highest quality and standards using recycled rubber. We inspect each item before shipping to ensure that you receive only the best, and most effective, ground protection products.