PVC Rubber Sheet Coin Top Design In Red Colour

PVC Rubber Sheet Coin Top Design In Red Colour


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This coin top sheet 3mm thick 1.2m wide and up to 10m long – Use a single mat for focused area protection or multiple mats to provide wall to wall coverage. Tough enough to be used in the garage, attractive enough to be used everywhere; basements, laundry rooms, trailers, vehicles, schools, stores, workshops, warehouses, exercise rooms, offices and equipment rooms. Anywhere you need attractive high quality flooring that protects.

Studded Dot Flooring is non slip and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Manufactured from Heavy Duty PVC flooring compound, designed to last for years!. Ideal choice for industrial and commercial use. Neat, smart & Attractive pattern PVC Flooring for Commercial use Long Lasting & durable rubber Non Slip multi-directional patterned surface Impression finish anti-creep reverse Good floor to foot cold insulation properties.

Coin Top Design Mats Benefits

  • Great aesthetic appeal with its modern and sleek surface and now available in earth tone colours
  • Protect floors and create a water-proof floor with the combined resilience of PVC rubber
  • This coin top surface textures makes for a non-slip floor and ideal for use in any slippery environment
  • A durable PVC rubber runner available in a variety of lengths making for an easy DIY installation
  • A roll flooring that is suggested for use in gym floors, elevators, basement floor covering, and garage floors
  • Coin top creates an attractive surface while providing traction for slip resistance
  • Perfect for residential and commercial use, resistant to common chemicals and contaminants
  • Appropriate grade for installation: Above grade, On grade or Below grade
  • Can be installed over concrete and wood sub floors, with or without adhesive
  • Simply clean up with damp mop or for deeper cleaning, use a vinyl floor cleaner
  • Great for use in garage, basement, office, gym, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere


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1.2 M WIDE X 1 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 10 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 2 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 3 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 4 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 5 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 6 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 7 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 8 M LONG, 1.2 M WIDE X 9 M LONG