Nature Black Limestone Paving Patio Pack

Nature Black Limestone Paving Patio Pack, 22mm 14.85sqm

£210.00 INCLUDING VAT: £252.00

Nature Black Limestone Paving Patio Pack is a natural Sandstone that consists of neutral grey shades (light with some darker shades) that blend well with all types of modern and established properties.
Thickness: 22mm

60×90-13, 60×60-13, 60×29-13, 29×29-9 = 48 Pcs  – £210.00 VAT



Nature Black Limestone Paving Patio Pack 22mm 14.85sqm are produced in a place.Black limestone paving patio packs have a very uniform appearance, it’s relatively smooth but not slippery. The texture is very tactile and “grippy”.Slabs are available in the UK, it’s provided by Delta Mart UK with all it’s natural and tumbled finishing. These slabs are perfect for patio or garden paving, their grey colour would brighten up the dark areas and complement tradition or contemporary surroundings of your garden. The slabs are suitable for British weather, with low maintenance required you will be able to relax and enjoy the finished results.


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Weight1000 kg