Interlocking drainage mat

Interlocking drainage mat 3’x3’


Interlocking drainage mat  – Interlocking rubber floor tiles are easy to install, highly cost-effective and ultra durable. These mats are designed to drain away moisture and keep surfaces dry, safe and free of dirt and mud. The mat can be easily moved and laid on any floor, and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use – its elasticity provides fatigue relief and reduces back pain.

Benefits of Interlocking drainage mat


  • Holes in this drainage mat allow liquids and debris to pass through, providing a clearer surface
  • Excellent traction with these non-skid mats, ensuring a safe footing to maximize productivity while reducing the risk of injury
  • Interlocking anti-fatigue mats are individually moveable and easy to clean; each tile weighs only 18 lb
  • Non-slip flooring with interlocking tiles to cover large spaces; great for work shop flooring or mats for kitchen floors
  • Natural and reclaimed rubber standing mat for anti-fatigue comfort for employees who stand for long periods of time such as cashiers and assembly workers

Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Interlocking drainage mat – Think of all the time you spend on your feet. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay comfortable while standing and moving around? These soft and flexible anti-fatigue mats will allow you to do just that! The secret lies in their composition. The mixture of natural rubber and reclaimed rubber creates a surface that is supple enough to provide a relief of all the stress and tension that builds up in the joints of your feet and lower back. Standing for extended periods of time on a cold hard cement floor will slowly build up painful pressure on your heels and ankles after a period of time. The softer natural/reclaimed rubber surface on these interlocking comfort mats is much more forgiving. You will feel relaxed and productive standing on these kitchen mats whether you are cooking a new entrée in a kitchen, serving up drinks behind a bar, or any other activity that requires you to be on your feet.


Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

Interlocking drainage mat – The beauty about these interlocking rubber mats is that they are so easy to install. Each 3ft x 3ft mat features an interlocking mechanism on its sides that allow you to join one mat to another so that you have one continuous rubber floor. The process for interlocking these mats into each other is very simple and designed for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style install. One side of the mat has a protruding outer lip (the male side) and the other three sides have holes underneath the mat (the female side). The male end is designed to button into one of the female ends of the adjoining mat. As a result, you can connect these mats indefinitely to cover as much square footage as you need. Installing these interlocking mats takes no time at all and can be done by anyone. While these mats are super easy to install, they are just as easy to uninstall when needed


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