interlocking gym mat

Interlocking Checker Plate design 1mx1mx12mm

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Interlocking Checker Plate design 1Mx1Mx12MM – Textured Industrial Mats with Durability and Slip-Resistance


Interlocking Checker Plate design – The interlocking design facilitates easy connection between each industrial mat

Easy Interlocking Installation: When installing this anti-fatigue mat, you will discover that the process is very easy. In fact, you will be spared the additional expenses of hiring outside help or buying expensive adhesives. The interlocking design facilitates easy connection between each industrial mat. Simply fit them into each other the way you would do with puzzle pieces.

Easy on the Feet: Because of the air pockets underneath it, all you need to do in order to experience comfort is simply stand on the interlocking mat. Weight activates the air in the honeycombed design and spreads throughout the subsurface of the outdoor rubber floor mat. Thanks to this level of comfort, you can stand and walk on this rubber matting all day long.

Industrial Use: Given the diamond-plate design on the top surface and its exceptional durability, this product is meant to be an industrial mat. Its level of traction is great for workers walking around the factory. The durability it possesses means that it can take the beating dished out by both heavy levels of foot traffic and heavy weight. Despite being an eco-friendly “Green” flooring product, it can perform well in any intensive industrial applications.

More Benefits:

  • Excellent for use as runners in hallways or assembly lines
  • Sold in an interlocking style or finished mat
  • Eco-friendly anti-fatigue mat helps reduce waste in the environment
  • This outdoor rubber floor can be interlocked to any length you need
  • Each mat features a beveled edge that allows easy access for wheeled equipment

Interlocking Checker Plate design Applications

Applications:Amusement Park Lines, Anti-Slip Tiles, Apartments, Assembly Lines, Auto Shops, Bars, Bathrooms, Break Rooms, Buffet Lines, Car Mats, Car Shows, Catering Events, Clubs, Concert Lines, Conference Rooms, Dentist Office, Diamond-Plate Matting, Doormats, Environmentally Friendly Floors, Executive Offices, Fairs, Farmers Markets, Fatigue Mats, Golf Pathways, Golf Shops, Hard Floor Mats, Hospitals, Hotel Seminars, Hotel Lobbies, Industrial Rubber Mat, Interlock Flooring, Kitchen Comfort, Massage Offices, Motels, No-Slip Flooring, Restaurants, Rubber Boat Flooring, Seminars, Ski Resorts, Textured Tile Flooring, Ticket Lines, Trade Show Booths, Valet Stands, Waiting Rooms, Warehouses, Workshop Mats.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 1.2 cm