Horse box floor mat

Horse box flooring mat Heavy duty Trailer Mat 2.1m wide

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  • EUR: 74.74€ - 1,033.85€



Rubber mat 2.1m(2100mm) wide and Long run x 10mm thickness

Top side with small stud design and bottom plain sheet

This product is made of natural rubber which is non porous and non absorbent.

just one big piece. Solid rubber trailer floor mat – roll form. Standard 2.1m wide (7ft) roll form trailer matting,

This mat is a superb, top quality flooring grade material suitable for all kinds of animal transport.

10mm thick weighs approx. 36kgs per 2.1sqm

Use of This Mat

 Horse box trailer

Cow shelter


Industrial units

Why would you choose our  Mat?

Because they are

  • Long lasting
  • Anti slippery
  • Made of rubber
  • Easy to fit
  • Better protection for horses
  • Moisture free which stops bacteria growth
  • Insulation from cold

Additional information


1 M LONG X 2.1 M WIDE, 10 M LONG X 2.1 WIDE, 15 M LONG X 2.1 WIDE, 2 M LONG X 2.1 M WIDE, 3 M LONG X 2.1 M WIDE, 4 M LONG X 2.1 M WIDE, 5 M LONG X 2.1 M WIDE