Heavy Duty Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat

Heavy Duty Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat

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INTERLOCKING RUBBER GYM MATS  6’x4’x18mm (1.82mx1.2m)

Heavy Duty Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat

Size : 1.82mx1.2mx18mm

weight : 40kg

INTERLOCKING GYM MATS – Gym mats in all shapes and sizes are available. Find one of the largest selections of high quality and affordable mats for weight flooring area.

Features of Our Gym mat

  •  Easy to clean and disinfect
  •  Non-porous, non-absorbent,
  •  Large mats and easy interlocking system make for a quick install (no need for adhesive)
  •  Dust, spore, smell and allergy free for humans and animals
  •  Insulation from cold, slip resistant when wet
  •  Tough and long lasting
  •  Slip-resistant surface
  •  Minimises trip hazards
  •  Easy to fit to existing wooden or concrete floors
  •  Stable, strong and tough
  •  Provides more comfort for people
  •  Insulates against cold and damp
  •  Easy to clean and install
  •  Can be self trimmed to fit

Heavy Duty Interlocking Rubber Gym Mat


INTERLOCKING GYM MATS are the perfect solution for your home gym, utility room, work space, basement, or laundry room flooring needs. The tiles are safe to use indoors and durable for outdoor use. Tiles may be installed in minutes without adhesives via the easy secure interlocking system. Trim excess with a utility knife for a custom wall-to-wall installation.

Seams are virtually invisible once installed. Protects floors from damage from heavy equipment, weights, or accidents. As a gym floor, Super Lock helps cushion hard-working legs from stress and fatigue. It also reduces noise to family members or neighbours. Cleans readily with a damp mop or cloth.


Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions182 × 120 × 20 cm