Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting

Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting

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Nothing speaks to industrial flooring aesthetics like the classic Diamond-Plate design. This is a high quality rubber flooring product made from 100% SBR materials. Diamond Plate rubber matting provides enhanced slip-resistance due to its specialized high-traction rubber compound. It is ideal for wet areas and entryways in any industrial space and is useful for protecting floor surfaces and ensuring the safety of employees in a variety of settings



Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting-  If you are looking for the perfect flooring for commercial and industrial areas, look no further than these diamond plate mats. They are designed with a unique design that helps add more traction to your feet. This diamond plate floor mat is very versatile rubber floor.

Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting

It adds a tough, rugged, and professional aesthetic to any store or workshop. Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting are perfect for use as a shop mat for customers to safely walk around on, and are ideally suited as a heavy equipment floor mat because they can handle heavy weights easily. This flooring can even be at home in kennels, making them the ideal mats for dogs and other animals. Try this industrial mats in a gym, it will add that industrial strength aesthetic to your workout room. Buy this matting today to give your area the best flooring available!

Diamond Plate Features

Designed for Traction: From the very beginning, the diamond plate mats are designed with safety in mind. The diamond pattern on these mats helps produce traction for the feet walking around on it. More traction means a far lower likelihood of slipping and falling. Each raised line of the pattern has a way of “gripping” feet. Diamond plate floor mats will provide enough resistance on all sides of the feet so as to keep them secure and upright.

Excellent Protection: Base flooring can be very vulnerable. Wood and tile can be degraded over time due to a high volume of foot traffic and/or the continued presence of heavy equipment. When these diamond plate floor mats are in place, they absorb the shock and pressure of heavy weights. They take the full force while preventing the surface beneath them from feeling it. If your area contains heavy equipment, floor mat options such as the “Diamond Plate” is essential to have around.

Easy Cleaning: When you use these diamond plate mats, you will enjoy the benefit of having easy-to-clean flooring. This rubber matting is features an excellent degree of moisture resistance. It will prevent nasty mold and mildew from forming on the mat. That is a very useful quality because it will allow you to easily clean the rubber mat with water and common soap without having to worry about any damage.

The mats can be easily fitted by lying next to each other. Use Stanley Knife if requires trimming.

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