Cow mats cubicle mattress

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Cow mats Cubicle mattress 185x115cmx25mm

Heavy duty rubber mat trapped edging

Covering lying areas with cubicle mattresses and concrete floors with rubber matting keeps your dairy cows

Key Features

  • High quality rubber matting moulded construction
  • Cow mats keep the cattle comfortable and stress free
  • Available in interlocking edge and straight edge
  • The use of cow rubber matting enhances milk/meat yield
  • Attractive hammered pattern
  • Great orthopaedic support
  • Anti-slip finish
  • Unique recessed, hollowed cellular back for drainage
  • Excellent foot/floor low temperature insulation
  • Easy to clean and more hygienic


Cow mats cubicle mattress Heavy duty rubber mat trapped edging  –

Our mats offer unique features which cause less stress and strain to the animals while also being easy to install and remove.

Our rubber cow matting offers excellent anti-fatigue properties. This is due to the hardness of the rubber which is able to compress slightly under the weight of the cows, which encourages the cows to move around. This has been proven to reduce the risk of injury to ligaments and joints compared to a hard surface.

The top surface of the mat features a “hammered” pattern which increases the surface area of the mats and provides superior anti-slip properties even when wet. The underside of the mats feature a unique recessed design. This creates channels to help guide liquid and waste away from the mats, which makes the mats much safer and easier to clean compared to other rubber mats.

Our rubber cow matting is available in two formats, with either a straight edge of an interlocking edge. Both options provide the same levels of durability, anti-slip as well as anti-fatigue properties. The interlocking option is great for customers who are looking to cover a larger area, or who want the convenience of a single joined surfac



Cow mats cubicle mattress Benefits


Its important thickness (5 cm) and the unique design of its rubber pads ensure maximum comfort Safety Hammered upper side Its softness reduces the risk of injury and increases the yield of the animal

Hygienical,easy maintenance

100 % natural rubber 50 cm long integrated slope allowing the evacuation of liquids High pressure washing

Easy to install

Reliable, economical

– High resistance to crushing. – Reduced maintenance costs, consumption of straw and cleaning time

Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions185 x 115 x 2.5 cm