Grass protection Mat / Gateway Mat

Grass Protection Rubber Mats

This grass protection rubber mats are an extruded-designed rubber mat intended for the purpose of reinforcement, stabilization and protection of turf and grass. The turf and grass are mostly intended for occasionally trafficked, light vehicle and pedestrian applications.

The rubber mat is very useful in stabilizing grass, and once the grass and root system has grown through the mat a natural look, as well as a more strongly-reinforced grassed surface, creates a very useful and ascetically pleasing grass surface.

Installation Advantages of Grass Protection Rubber Mats

Grass protection rubber mats are unique as it does not require that the existing grass is removed before installation. Other grass and ground reinforcement product rather than grass protection mats on the UK market require the complete removal and reinstallation of the grass area. (This is to provide a very high load capacity which is not attainable by above grass meshes) For applications where heavy vehicles such as semi-trucks or fire engines will not be regularly driving, grass protection mats are an ideal solution which will save on both the installation cost of the project and the overall material cost. For a heavy-duty grass reinforcement solution which is capable of handling heavy loads see our selection of HEAVY DUTY GRASS PROTECTION MAT 1.5m x 1m.
This rubber protection grass mats are intended to be used for light vehicles and pedestrians.

The recommended applications of rubber grass protection include:

Parking space and Access to the Grass Residential
Overflow occasional use parking lots
Golf Cart Paths
Grass Paths
Handicap access paths/Wheelchair

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