Cow Mats

Cow Mats & Mattresses from Delta Mart UK.

Delta Mart is your best solution for cow matting in the united kingdom (UK). Delta mart’s rubber cow matting offers excellent anti-fatigue properties. This is due to the hardness of the rubber which is able to compress slightly under the weight of the cows, which encourages the cows to move around.
Delta mart’s Anti-fatigue rubber cow mats’ cushioned rubber properties help reduce the pressure from two strong forces: from heel-to-ground contact and from the vertical weight on the body when in the standing position. This has been proven to reduce the risk of injury to ligaments and joints compared to a hard surface. So these rubber mats will be the ideal solution for your rubber cow matting.

Delta Mart’s wide range of rubber cow mats include:

  1. Rubber Cow mats – Cubicle mattress of size 185 x115cm x 25mm
  2. Long Run Rubber Cow Mat | Cow mats Roll
    • Rubber mat 2.1m wide and Long run with 10mm thickness – Topside with small stud design and bottom plain sheet.
  3. Rubber COW MAT 185 x 115cm x 25mm

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